Cycle Touring

Cycle Touring

So what do we mean my Cycle Touring?

We can only answer this from a personal perspective and answer what this means to us and that is increasingly extended trips within the relatively civilised world which, for us, is Europe and South East Asia.  We feel that it’s important to qualify this because we wouldn’t in any way class ourselves as cycling adventurers.  If you’re into Cycle Touring then this will start to make sense that we are never usually that far from a warm bed.

We qualify that a little more when we talk about Our Bikes because the type of touring that we want to do determines the type of bike we needed.

We are mostly self-supported, there’s no van or car following us and we carry everything with us except food.  The intent is that this will soon include camping equipment and we have a growing pile of kit waiting to be used.

The tours are getting increasingly longer, we started with 50km rides around the Languedoc region and then to a few others:

  • Thames Path – Oxford to London (300km)
  • Netherlands – anti-clockwise from Amsterdam via Zandvoort, Hague, Rotterdam & Utrecht (250km)
  • Danube – Passau to Melk (250km)
  • ThailandPattaya to Koh Samui (1000km)