Most people think of Sangria when they consider a lighter alcoholic drink in Spain but in the south, primarily Andalucia, Tinto de Verano is more prevalent amongst the locals. It’s a bit of a generalisation, but Sangria is for the tourists when Tinto de Verano is for the locals.  We much prefer Tinto de Verano to its more well-known cousin.

It’s a simple drink made up of red wine, lime & lemon juice with a soda or lemonade, gaseosa is the generic Spanish term, to make up a long drink, typically in a 50:50 ratio. Tinto de Verano, or more lazily Tinto Verano, is literally “red of summer” meaning that it’s a summer red wine drink and is surprisingly refreshing and tasty from simple ingredients.

Our version is 50:50 cheapish red wine mixed with something like a Sprite light over ice with a slice of lemon and drunk with a straw.

Try making it at home on a sunny day, it’s surprisingly good and much better than it sounds from the ingredients. And when on the Costa del Sol, it’s a great lunchtime thirst-quencher.

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