That’s Phase One done!

1400km from Nha Trang back to Pattaya, more about that later, but today was a tough day. It’s our first consecutive 100km day and today was a lot tougher than yesterday; we are more than a little bit broken and our arses are in tatters.

Too many main roads today but that was always going to be the case for this leg, except for a delightful 25km cross country early in the day.

The next phase from here to Singapore will be much more off road.

Also now, we have a critical gear review over the next few days. “What isn’t earning its keep for the weight it costs?”

We’re a little fazed to think about any of that right now, we’ll reflect on the trip so far soon enough. But first, beer 🍻

NB: The distance anomaly in the map below is because it includes a couple of non-cycling events such as the ferry ride from Vung Tau to Saigon


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