To get somewhere, you need to travel and that method of travel can be anything from an adventure to just a tedious form of transport

The internet is a strange, shouty place that lends itself to simplistic polarised arguments positions on many subjects and, even before we start on hydraulic vs mechanical, there’s a pair of diametrically opposed and entrenched positions on disc vs rim brakes. I would say that there’s 49% that swear thatRead More →

It’s Now or Never So, the time has come; the time of the realisation that there is no tomorrow.  We are aged 54 and 58 and, as Elvis would have said, it’s Now or Never. That’s the opening para with the necessary melodrama done, so here comes the clarity ofRead More →

The Success of the Flags on our Bikes Of the selection offered in the pack, it seemed obvious to fit the Union Jack as the flag behind the bike, but after our first small shake-down ride, it also felt a touch crass and jingoistic.  Maybe it was the influence ofRead More →

We’ve spoken previously about the virtues and simplicity of the Spanish Tinto de Verano as a daytime thirst quencher so when we wanted a long cool poolside drink for here in Koh Samui, it was as simple as buying a bottle of red and a handful of cans of SpriteRead More →