About Us

Travel Writers, Photographers & Film-Makers

We are Mark Litherland and Siubhan Reid-Litherland; middle-aged “boomers” and aware of the ticking clock, we’re keen to grab the very privileged opportunity that we have been given where we’re young enough to still have the health to travel and old enough to have stashed some cash to fund it.

Siubhan is the sensible, detailed one of us that makes real-life happen. Mark is most often the one with the big ideas but he can also be a bit of a dick!

Sheltering from the sun in Thailand – Jan 2018

In March 2018 we sat in a bar in Andalucia and discussed the future over a generous helping of Rioja. 

The Costa del Sol has everything we love; good weather, good food and a good mix of indigenous and ex-pat. 

But we were bored. 

“If not here then where?”, asked Mark

“New!”, said Siubhan

And that’s how we came to decide that we would become Global Nomads.

Why Cycle-Touring?

We’re not natural cyclists and bikes have never been a major feature in our lives but when we first rode the Thames Path from Banbury to Islington in 2017 we were hooked on the sense of achievement and the pace was just perfect to make decent progress each day and to be able to both absorb the environment and interact with people that we passed.

Siubhan at the top of the hill overlooking Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam – Oct 2018

Since then we’ve done tours around The Netherlands with friends, down the Danube from Passau (twice) and then 1000km from Pattaya in Thailand to Koh Samui over Christmas 2017

Arrival at Cafe Amazon, Koh Samui – Jan 2018

But, by far, our best ride has been the 3342km from Cam Ranh in Vietnam to Singapore that we did from Oct 2018 to Jan 2019

Our Backgrounds

We have been lucky in our careers and since 2002 we ran an IT programme management company together.

We only mention this because of the mindset required to be successful in that world is one of planning, risk assessment, mitigation and contingency planning; all facets that we take with us on tour; maybe a bit too much but we get huge satisfaction from planning and then executing, fully accepting that it never goes to plan and that’s also part of the fun.

Our Passions

We both have low boredom thresholds and an addiction to learning new things. We had 10 fantastic years flying our own aircraft and 5 wonderful years racing cars, but both of those are behind us having stored some great memories and collected valuable friends.

But throughout the years, Photography, Travel and stuffing our faces with an eclectic variety of foods have been consistent activities – we are happiest exploring the “new” with a camera in our hands and then discussing the day over dinner.

Bar in Sete – Sep 2019

That’s pretty handy for people who love to travel.

Dawn in Cambodia – Nov 2018
Delicious Tom Kha Gai from So’s Streetside Diner in Pattaya, Thailand – Jan 2019

What Next?

Our desire is to travel and to share our adventures with an intent to inform, entertain and amuse.

We’ve been doing a course in journalism with nothing more than a desire to learn how to communicate better and have pretentions of doing this through writing and short film-making.

We want to tell stories.

But for the details of our plans, either keep checking back here or follow us for our diary on FaceBook

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