We are Mark and Siubhan Litherland, not so freshly arrived in our 50s, we’re rather shocked to arrive here and in absolute denial; but yet our bodies are occasionally inclined to remind us.

Travel has been both our great privilege and passion over the years and a fortunate life has given us the opportunity to see, experience and photograph many great things.  Mark’s waistline also bears witness to the fact that we have also eaten a lot of it!  We love to eat well and we love to cook.  On this site, Food, Photography & Cycling will be common themes.

People call us adventurous but we’re not; we’re not brave but we are very curious and that inquisitive nature overcomes much of our fear and inertia.

Professionally, we owned and ran a business transformation consultancy for 15 years, but travel, travel writing and photography are now our full-time occupations.



Photography has always been our primary passion and we can’t see a time when that would change, Landscape and Street Photography has been our particular favourites and they both featured prominently in our Licentiate panels for the Royal Photographic Society


No bio of us would be complete without mentioning AviSilverstonePodiumation and Motorsport.  We both flew as PPLs for several years around Europe and the US before Siubhan persuaded Mark to get into motorsport in 2011. The 2014 season in GT Cup was a 50th birthday present, mid-life crisis obviously, but was quite successful with Mark finishing 2nd in class in the championship.  Siubhan did the sponsors’ photography for the season and a good time was had by all.  Both Aviation and Motorsport have been huge quality factors in our life, not just because of the fun we had in both, but primarily for the fantastic friends that we have gathered along the way.

Most recently, in April 2018, we made the decision to take 2-3 years out to go nomadic on the bikes and see the world.  See blog entry.

We hope you enjoy our reading about our adventures and observations as much as we enjoy having them.


Mark & Siubhan Litherland xx