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Sài Gòn

Saigon. Oh you slow-burning sultry seductress of an Asian city, how we have come to love you.  Getting the iPhone stolen by a scooter on the first night wasn’t the greatest start to our second visit to Saigon but 18 days later that seems like a long way behind us….

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The Bum Gun!

The thought of running out of toilet paper is enough to induce deep anxiety nightmares in the western world. But in South East Asia, toilet paper is a rarity that is confined to areas with a large tourist presence. In the countries of Thailand and around South East Asia, the…

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How Learning Thai Helped us to Speak French

It’s been 3 years since we spent any time in France and since then we have spent a fair chunk of time in South East Asia and, most especially, Thailand Every time we visit a country we Google the standard 10 words, the first 5 are numbers 1–5 and the…

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100 days to Singapore

Exactly 100 days since we arrived in South East Asia and we rode into Singapore yesterday, hugged each other tightly and cried outside the hotel. This ride is over and we did what we said we were going to do. Before we started we thought that stuff like this is…

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Leaving Penang

It’s that time again. It’s the day before we set off. It’s the day that we do all the planning, washing and maintenance. Time to tweak all the little niggles, do an all-round spanner check on the bikes and grease the bits that should be greased. About 830km (just over…

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A Strange Vibe in Satun

Ok, we’re very tired after a difficult day, but there’s a strange vibe in Satun. Today was hard graft in fierce sunshine. It wasn’t as hot as a couple of the days in Vietnam and it wasn’t as steep as a couple of the other days but the combo of…

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Perceptions of Cambodia Pt2

Is it really only 3 days since I wrote about our perceptions from Phnom Penh? So much has changed since then and we are also 224km away. And yet, all those observations remain valid. There’s a lot about Cambodia that we don’t understand and won’t even pretend that we’ve got…

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Perceptions of Cambodia Pt1

It’s day 5 in Cambodia and nearly 48h in the capital of Phnom Penh and we still haven’t settled our thoughts except to say that Cambodia is not comfortable. It’s difficult to describe how we feel because it’s so heavily prejudiced with our privileged western perspective. We’re white, middle-class with…

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